Your development partner in renewables

Track record :

AEGEUS and its sister company T-SQUARE:
Have developed a 1200MW onshore wind pipeline in Greece and Serbia and 261MW of offshore wind for VENERGIA SA. A number of these projects have been acquired and constructed by ΕΛΛΑΚΤΩΡ/MOTOR OIL and VALOREM and of the above, nearly 300MW of wind and 4MW of PV are currently in operation.
Have developed 120MW of wind projects, eventually acquired by TERNA ENERGY SA
The lead developer of AEGEUS in his role as the development director for TERNA ENERGY USA had initiated land control and the development of 600MW of wind projects in South Dakota.
T-SQUARE is currently developing 7 projects of 260MW for a UK/Italian fund.
AEGEUS is currently developing :
7 wind projects of 195MW for GRUPO AFRONTA SL and ELAWAN of Spain
4 wind projects of 120MW for MIROVA, a major French investment fund.

Our people :

AEGEUS' lead developer is a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Imperial College) :

 i) Member of the Board, TERNA ENERGY USA (2017-2022) 

 ii) Development Director at TERNA ENERGY's U.S. Has developed more than 600MW of wind projects in South Dakota (until May 22),

iii) has been involved in renewable energy project development since 2004 in Greece, Serbia, Romania, Poland, China and South Africa. 

All of our staff, engineers and partners have at least 15 years experience in renewables.